.: Moss street art? New to me!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moss street art? New to me!

"dude i want a moss room, [my friend] used to talk about it
like sitting naked in a moss room with glass walls, so cash"

"have u seen moss graffitti?
its simple as fuck
u can make a moss room
all u do
is take moss
like rip some from a tree
put it in a blender gently
and put in some buttermilk (check online for exact amount)
and pour it somewhere
spread it smear it, whatever u want
and keep it moist for 1-2 weeks
and it will grow into moss
u basically turn moss into milky paint
that will grow if u keep it moist for a week
its genius street art"


  1. That looks freakin' awesome.

  2. Shows theres no limit to the imagination

  3. Yeah, it's not everyday someone mixes moss with buttermilk, eh?

  4. @JAMO yeah it kind of looks like you're looking through a window into a wall of moss

  5. Need and want more banksy!

  6. Ok Im determined to find out banksy's is

  7. So is this moss that was cut into this shape? And no Vulcan, it doesn't look like a Banksy work, his stuff is usually really social/political.