.: A Thought on American Education

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Thought on American Education

I just woke up from a slew of odd dreams full of conversation, swimming with my family in full clothing in a weird room that should not have had a pool, and other weird things. Anyway no one cares about my fucked up dreams, but in one of them an interesting topic came up. A faceless person said to me "The educational system is just like a factory." Which I completely agree with. The uniform seating like a sweatshop, the bells that go off like foghorns, the uniform meals and long, bleak corridors. My experience was much like this because our schools were built in the 40's/50's. Every school I went to had that industrial revolution vibe.

Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot of morals and truth from school. Unfortunately our education is watered down just like our media and culture. I've always brought up to people that there are only 4 text book companies in America and they are all regulated by the government. Remember there being more? I didn't think so, all I remember is Haughton-Mifflin. But I do remember there being few others.

Everyday I thank science that I wasn't born in North Korea or Libya, and I am glad to be an American. Everyday I think of ways we can better this country, though, and that is true patriotism.

I woke up to a program talking about how great education is, and I agree, but It needs to be improved like a lot of other important issues. It's half of what would solve our inner city problems (lack of education, and poverty, with these things there will only be crime.)


  1. Wow that was really interesting, yea I'm very thankful I wasn't born in North Korea also.

  2. I only hear bad things about American Education :(
    I'm from UK and I wouldn't say our education is amazing, but it's pretty good.
    Gotta agree with you on one part, I'm VERY GLAD, I wasn't born in North Korea or Libya

  3. It's all part of creating a docile public.

  4. I do find that schools can sometimes just be brainwashing the next generation of lazy low-income earners that are wage slaves to keep the economy running.

  5. http://www.ted.com/talks/salman_khan_let_s_use_video_to_reinvent_education.html